11.5 km Kåsjön 1 sep 2012

Autumn KICK OFF…. with a TRAIL RACE! =)

It was time again, for Team Kettlebell Center´s second trail race for this year. This time we signed up for 11.5 km instead of 6 km. It was TOUGH! ..but still such a fun adventures race that I cant wait for the next one. 

Team Kettlebell center:

David Liljeros  Sierra De Goldsmithme Malin and Chunhua Högström,

This race compared to the last one in Skatås was definitely harder. Not only the longer distance but the trail. A lot of ”messy”hills, long hills, lots of trees laying around, steep downhills,  very ”traily”, but I suppose… It is just the way it should be, skatås was a good trail to start with! 🙂 One new thing I have learnt from trail racing is to keep push myself when it is as hardest, when the condition feels heavy, lactic acid in legs starts coming etc.. Because sooner or later there will some sort of ”brake”, either crowd, downhill, climbing over/under things or something that will let your heartbeat slow down a bit. So I think trail racing is a great challenge to push your own limits a bit further.

For this race I had not been doing a lot of distance running, most kettlebell training. Which on the other hand is GREAT for running. I felt very strong in my whole body it was just the distance and my condition that held me up a bit. It has been summer and I have had a few weeks of vacation without pushing myself into hard training, so I am happy about the result (which you can see further down).  I have been doing a lot of other fun things this summer for example participating in TOUGH MUDDER in Scotland and hours of mountain hiking in France. I surely got a lot of trail-practise for this Salomon race I would say, I did not have to hesitate to overcome all the obstacles we crossed.  We all ran in our fivefinger shoes and I could and still can feel the development since the first race. Almost no muscle-soreness this time, yeehaooo! It takes time to adapt so don’t rush yourself if you are new with thin shoes=)

The results:

Sierra: 1:07:31 Malin: 1:09.37 Chunhua: 1:14:27 David: 1:23.38 

AND together we brought home the 4th place of 9 teams. YEAH! 🙂

I would like to thank my teammates for always bringing so much motivation and inspiration. Such good people to be around!


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