TSC october 2012

It is time again for my second TSC for this year (and ever) and it will be held at Kettlebell center in gothenburg october 6. Looking forward to it!

This time I will participate in the woman open division which means I will use a 16kg kettlebell for my snatch instead of 12 kg. 🙂

I see this as a great challenge and fun goal for myself to beat each time. Which helps me a lot with my training. I know what I should focus on. I know how much I should have as goal to progress for each week. 

The best thing about these three event are that they are big body movements and with whole body strength. So with the training for this competition I get a great  whole bodyworkout, focus on the backside and the whole core (glutes, back, abs, shoulders, hip) , I increase my condition and strength. This preparation just makes me feel great!

If you want to set a nice goal for yourself check the link out to the right in the ”event” menu and perhaps you will sign up!=)


If you looking for help for preparation or progression you can contact me on malin@kirjonen.se, working as a personal trainer and RKC instructor


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