My Tough Mudder experience 2012

Could this be one of the best things I ever have done? It definitly going on my top 5 experiences and I think I have been through a lot!

 Just to be in the time of so much mudd, that would last for a whole lifetime, in scotish beautiful natur surrounded with castles and awesome scotish people dressed up with everything from suits, skirts to cozy tiger costumes and us, dressed up as Swedish Vikings. We could do nothing but shake our heads and put a great big smile on! I am greatful to have a boyfriend who is as crazy as I am and did not hasitate to come with me (or he was actully the one telling me all about it.. crazy you!!) 😀

One reason I am exercising and am this serious about my strength training is because I want to be able to take part of all opportunities in life and make EVERYTHING possible! If I have a dream I want to be able to follow through and have nothing that stops me. I got my drive but in many situations, or my dreams, require physical strength. This training is great for my dreams but BEST of all it also keep me happy, healthy, a body with a good strong posture and with better life quality. You can check out some of the things I take off and doing in my ”kirjo challenge” menu. 


Sooo for you that doesnt know what the heck a Tough Mudder is I will quick explain, but please check out the link on the side ”check this out”- ”Tough Mudder”.


This is a 10-12 miles (15-20km) trail race.. 25 obstacles in MUDD, ICE water, FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCKS much much more:)

This race was hold in by Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill, about 1h 40 min from Edinburgh. The drive down there was beauthiful and a great part of the whole experience. Alex drove and I was the map reader of our homemade map as the same time as I finshed the last part of our viking costumes;)

We arrived and the atmosphere was so good, there was so many different people, all kinds, fit to unfit, young, old, people with costumes, induviduals and big teams. We arrived just in time, about 2 min before we took off from start line, did not have much time to warm up so we felt I bit stiff the first 500m until the first obstacle….

…THE ARTIC ENEMA. A ”pool” filled with ICE you had to get in and from there dive under a ”wall” . I am telling you, after this obstacle nothing was impossible to do! We surely woke up and was ready for all the rest…

..after crawling in mudd, sliding down the hill all muddy we had a lot of parts with water again, everything from just crossing over rivers to swimming in lakes.. with obstacles.. then of course: MORE MUDD!! 🙂

and some ”Berlin walls”

In between some obstacles was kilmometers of uphill without obstacles, put our mind on test, how would we go through this.. 7 miles (about 10km) to go.. But as soon as the obstacles start coming again we got distracted of how to get past all those. More water.. More mudd. More obstacles.. aaaaaaaah 🙂 It all went ”fast” really.


Among the 5000 participants we actually met about 30-40 other crazy swedes! ..

 It was time to Go electric! oh yes.. and not only one of these electric shock obstacle showed up.. no no, near to the end we saw this crawling obstacle THE ELECTRIC EEL covered by about 100 electric strings (10 000 volt), there was not only  electric strings hanging, a man was standing beside with a big water hose and happily flushed the water over the course and us while we were crawling as fast as we could through this crazy thing! Alex got a few fat ”kisses” from it while I actually made it through thinking this was nothing…

While Alex was flying forward by the electricity, I grew inside and was thinking I was a tough bitch, strong enough for those easy shocks. (haha) until the final obstacle..


I surely got my electric KISSES there!! 😉

 This race is a memory for life and so happy to been part of it! Cant wait for next one and other races like this!

I will soon post the video we made by a ”go pro” cam!

Hope you enjoyed the reading!

Dont forget….


..or all your crazy ideas!!! 😀


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