Pre Tough Mother

Just 1 day until me and Alex will be standing on the start line, pumped, dressed up as Swedish Viking ready to begin the craziness and with a Go-pro  (thanks to Fredrik Björck!) so we can share our avdenture and hopefully motivate people to join when this will be held in Sweden 2013!=)

The excitement within me and Alex is growing(I dont look very excited but I AM;) ) now as we are sitting here at Gothenburg City airport. It´s going to be an awesome experience. What I love most about this is that we are actually doing it, that we are following our spontanious dream and doesnt leave it to one of those ”I always wanted to go there or do that” – WE ARE DOING IT! 🙂

Since this race has a lot of other fun stuff involved than just 25 crazy obstacles, we have prepared our race outfit- Swedish Vikings. Pics will come in the ”post tough mudder” article! There are competitions and prices for ”the best costume”, ”toughest mohawk”, ”toughest team” etc.. I bet there will be so many cool random people there.

Parts of our awesome outfits! *High five to us!* (hehe)


About 80% of all participants gives in and stop before the finish line.                                We are going to be two of those 20% that makes it to the end!


Wish us luck!!! 🙂


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