My rkc cerification sweden 2012

June 29 -1 july I went through a real russian challenge to become a certified RKC instructor together with many other strong people. First time in Sweden for RKC certification. and…I MADE IT! 🙂


This is a certification you cant come unprepared to. Many months, or years of practise, both technique and knowledge about bodycontrol and even exercise science.

Many people know kettlebell training from normal gym training there they join group classes and are doing dussin of different exercises, you see swaying backs, shrugged shoulders, lifting heels and no thought behind the movement patterns. The picture below is a good example of a correct looking swing, nice neutral straight lines, power from the hip, stable and steady on the top with your whole core activated which gives you a compact strong bodymovement.

 RKC is about recreate the neutral movement patterns of your body and improve strength. To recreate body movement patterns you not only have a great chance to increase strength, you will become more flexible, increase mobility in joints, you will stay strong and motivated for a longer amount of time instead of what we normally do: go hard, overtrain and get injured, which leads to start all over again on the same ”injured-in-the-end path”.

I am not saying RKC training cant be hard or get you into great shape. Opposite! Even with the basic swing movement you can get yourself the best conditioning and strength workout which leads to a stronger, leaner and healthier body with a highly increased condition!

For 8 years I have walked around with a spine injury, 2 friction compressions in 2 vertebras in my thoracic back (lower upper back). The last 4 months of correct training and progression with RKC kettlebell training my back feels better and more moveable than ever! 

This training is not about how many or how fast you can do the exercises, it is about how you do it, with as much bodycontrol as possible.

 Thats the way you earn your strength!

Picture above – Outdoor technique training for the ”snatch”

This is why RKC kettlebell training is for all people. Perfect technique leads to perfect posture, even for Agda, 80 years old, as long as you adapt the progression of the movements and exercises for every person. We all got different strengths, there is no competition.

I would like to give an extra thanks to Fredrik Högström and David Liljeros at Kettlebell center in Gothenburg. They introduced me to the RKC and help me with the correct progression and technique to be able to make this certification. They also arrange the RKC Sweden, and made it possible for us all to participate. Would not be where I am today without them! (the two gentlemen sitting down with red t-shirts at the endings)



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