RKC Sweden june 2012

World leading kettlebell certification in Gothenburg, Sweden

The russian kettlebell challenge

What is RKC: RKC is represented in 43 countries and has over 1000 active instructors, making it the largest single kettlebell organisation. The RKC’s industry-leading training methods are based on a finely balanced fusion of sports medicine fundamentals, educational genius and the constant pursuit of improvement. In combination with the word’s most functional training equipment, we provide prospective instructors with a superior set of tools with which to effectively coach and lead their clients towards a better physique and improved health.

Instructor certification takes place over three days. The founder and chief instructor himself, Russian American Pavel Tsatsouline, will be leading the three-day course together with Brett Jones (USA), Peter Lakatos (Hungary) and Tommy Blom (Sweden) – highly competent course instructors to a man. A number of assistant instructors will also be in attendance, ensuring a ratio of approximately one instructor to every 3–4 students, guaranteeing the highest quality of instruction.
We can guarantee three unforgettable days, and if you have even the slightest interest in kettlebells or functional training, the RKC Instructor Certification Gothenburg 2012 is simply a must!

I came along RKC hardstyle kettlebell training from Kettlebell center in Gothenburg. I first went there to get inspiration…Thanks to the owners Fredrik Högström and David Liljeros, by their way of teaching and their good eyes for technique, finding individuals weekness and strength. I had no hesitation- RKC is the path for me!

There are only a few days left until the certification days and it feels like a big exam, a physical exam I have put down heart and soul and a lot of hours in the gym for. I am very excited and of course a bit nervous 🙂 It has been a great journey to be part, I have met a lot of great people, people with the same drive and enthusiast for this kind of lifestyle. My posture and strength has developed in a great way and my back injury I have had since 8 years back (2 friction compressions in my lower thoracic spine from a snowboard accident) has never felt this good, flexible and strong!

The advantiges from RKC hardstyle training: 

* Condition
* VOmax
*Core strength


Are you interested in a world with more opportunities, a world you can be able to manage every-days physical challenges, get clear and fun exercise goals, increase years of lifetime? This type of training suits us all. Join us! at Kettlebell centre in Gothenburg, great workshops, trainers and shop.



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