I think, one of the greatest feelings in the world is when I accomplish my dreams. No matter what kind of dream. A small goal I made up and finished after a week or a huge one I see happening over a long time, it is great to have done stuff you once wish you where doing! To accomplish a dream we often have to go through challenges, difficult things makes other difficult things less hard. After fighting to get over some obstacles you will get your treat, dream, goal, or whatever you search to get.

The hardest dream of them all is the one I have still not achieved. I seriously don´t know exactly what it is yet. But I can feel it coming and always has, and getting closer to it. The fact is, the closer I get to it the further away it goes and harder it is to know what it can be. I suppose it keeps develop. I always believe anything can happen in life and as I keep making my dreams come true it has to change. Because what would happen if I reach my end goal. No more dreams?


Kirjo Challenge is a site in hope to inspire others to follow their own drive. Nomather what your goal is we want to give you the energy to believe in the things YOU like to do.

 Activities and challenges: 

I like to come up with my own ideas of activities sometimes. If you need inspiration or like to participate in an upcoming  activity, let me know. I have also made some information about fun stuff around the world, you might get inspired from it too.

Videos and toplist:

I have always liked making short films and share things I enjoy. Go ahead watch some videos, there are many different. And not all of them are worth trying or safe enough for everyone.  At the moment I run one toplist for ”a run to heaven” which is one of the Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Please share your time with us if you feel like experience this challenge!


Thanks for checking out my site, appreciate all feedback!

Go out there and have fun!



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