6.9 km SKATÅS june 2012

Salomon Trail Tour in Gothenburg, Sweden 2012

June 2nd 2012 the Salomon Trail Tour was on! It´s a trail race in Skatås there you can choose to run 6.9 km, 12 km or 21 km in the forest, up the skiing hills, among rocks and on ungainly ground (great fun!!). 

Fivefinger pep talk!

Me and my team from Kettlebell Center, Sierra De Goldsmith, Chunhua Högström and David Liljeros ran the 6.9km in our fantastic fivefinger shoes and with big smiles on our faces we won the gold, silver and forth place! 

We where all pretty excited and nervous for the race though it was our first trail race ever! David participated last year and he was the one motivated us to join for this year. Best choice we could have done, it was so much fun! We are already planning our next race that will be Salomon Tour Race in Kåsjön 1 september 2012 and we are aiming for the 11km tour.

For me fivefinger running is a pretty new experience, for many months I have been preparing my body to this new way of walking/running/standing and I most say I feel better and stronger for every day! When it comes to develope new technique of running and have your muscles adapted, the headline is be patient! I was doing the most of my running until this Trail race in my Nike free run, which I think is a really good shoe to run in before using fivefingers, just because its light and very flexible with your foot.  





Happy as children on their birthday!

Read more about the Salomon Trail Tour on  this link!


Outdoor experiences rocks!

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  • Vad roligt det var! Fick verkligen upp motivationen för terränglöpning 🙂


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