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  • Tjena tjejen!

    Det ser jättebra ut så här långt!!

    Puss & kram

  • Coolt Malin!! Ser juh skitbra ut detta!! Fortsätt så! Push it harder!!! 🙂

  • Hi,
    thank you for the Box Training today. Looking forward the
    the sore muscles tomorrow 🙂 It’s been about 15 years ago I did it last time.

    Today I’m more into Running, MTB, Mountain Sports and Skiing. Interesting
    to see, you know the ’tough mudder’ race 🙂 Next year we’ll have the first
    events in Germany. I’d like to see this spectacle.

    Well, I hope I will be able soon to join your class again.

    Bye Bye! Reno (Germany)

  • Hi Malin, my name is Henrik and i just wanted to write a line of two.
    First of all, think you´re great and love the innovations, ideas, challenges 🙂 🙂 :). Keep it up, i have already learned new things so i will definately keep reading your blog.
    I was wondering, have you ever tried the ”Egoscue” method? It is basically a program similar to Yoga with different stretches/exercises etc. but the focus of Egoscue is to strengthen particular muscles which would then ”pull” the alignment of the body to the ”correct” aligntment etc. which would be good for x and y. I have bought the books but not looked into it more yet. Was just curious if you knew anything about the method.
    Thanks, regards Henrik

    • Hi Henrik! Thanks for checking out my site and glad you like it!:)

      I have actually never tried that method, not very familiar with it YET, but I am very interested in postural training and working a lot with postural symmetry and alignments in the body . I have been looking at ”finch therapy”, ”alexander technique” there you are working with ”muscle activation” based on structure of the postural fascia.
      I did a quick check on it and I will def look more into it!!! Do you recommend any of the books you bought? 🙂

      Rgrds/ Malin

      • Hi again,
        I´ll be checking out the ones you listed, i haven´t heard about them and i am interested in all health & fitness ”stuff” so thanks for the ”tips”.

        Regarding the Egoscue method, i have 2 of the books (Pain Free… , and , Egoscue method of health…), they seemed to cover the method and many of the exercises in enough depth to be able to understand and learn the method. I also have the exercise DVD with 2 different ”workouts” on it (beginner and advanced) and they cover many of the exercises. I tried the workouts for a couple of weeks but never continued due to busy work projects, traveling etc. I am currently looking into it again, i have more time now (and my priorities in check 😉 ).

        I actually heard about the Egoscue method through coach Tony Robbins (know him?). He was in i car accident and injuried his back/neck and the Egoscue method helped him get to state where he is pain free. After that he investigated the method as a overall ”program” for peak performance health etc.

        One of the biggest motivation factors for me when looking into the program was the idea of finding ”THE” (:) ) mobile fitness program that enabled me to get a great, hard, health beneficial program for health, longevity etc.
        Don´t know if there is a one program but i am still looking into this and that to find the best match. I am also looking into different home gym solutions (portable). Have you got any tips when it comes to mobile fitness programs (no equiptment programs), portable home gyms etc. (except from the great stuff you have already shared on your site)?

        Thank, regards Henrik

        • It´s great to here about other health and fitness enthusiasts that want to share their experiences, thoughts and different mindset that takes us further on our life journey! 🙂
          Yes I have heard about him and he seem to be great to get inspiration from. When it comes to injuries it is so good to hear about people who is coming back and are more movable and stronger (body and mind) than perhaps the most people out there. 8 years ago I was in an excident and it ended up with big compression frictions in 2 vertebras in the middle of my spine and everyday I need to think about my posture and movements to become better… and already today I am A LOT better and stronger in my body than I probably have ever been.
          There might not be the program already set up for you, but I am sure you will find THE perfect way, that your body and mind will develop in the best way, by snapping up great ideas, thoughts, experience and knowledge along the way and by help by good coaches. Keep listen and learn from people you think inspires you. I am planning to post mobility exercises that been helping me a lot and those might suit you as well! 🙂

          • Hi,
            Yes, it´s a fun and interesting journey (life and personal development no matter the area). Thanks for the inspiring words, I will keep looking… :).

            Regarding your accident/injury, I hope you´re fine today, without pain etc.?
            Take a look at the Egoscue method, it´s sounds like something you´d probably like etc. and it might work for you. I have heard/read about many swearing to the method as something that got them painfree from different issues/things etc. AND also as a overall, great exercise program focused on posture etc.

            I am looking forward to reading the content you post on your site and seeing what crazy (fun) unconventional stuff you come up with 🙂 🙂 :).

            Regards Henrik

          • Hi again Henrik!
            great info about the egpscue, will soon give it a try!
            regarding my injury, I can feel some sort of pain every day, some periods it is better than other! The training I am doing today, together with my psutural interest, gives me a huge help to live with this! Looking forward to improve my knowledge further and I bet it will only feel better the more I am aware of my rehabilitation training and posture methods! 🙂
            And I am so HAPPY I can do all my ”crazy” fun training stuff, thats more of a psycological happiness for me ( which is just the extra training I am doing outside my ”quality” strength training. Do you have a blog or website?

            Take care!! 🙂

  • Hi again,
    Sorry to hear you´re still in some pain but great to hear you handling it well.

    Regarding the fun, crazy stuff and psychologial happiness, this is just great and keep it up. This is one of the most important things to find in life IMO; a purpose, a drive. Something driving one in life and towards goals, dreams etc. and also something that makes oneself happy and it seems you have found your drive 🙂 (or one of them 🙂 ). I listen a lot to coach Jim Rohn (GREAT inspiring man, listen to him if you´re interested in wisdom, philosophy, life) and he often talk about success, happiness etc. and one of the great ideas i have gotten from him is an ”old” great saying (from William James or Earl Nightingale, can´t remember) ”Being successfull and happy is the outside realization of an inside ideal” (i.e. living ones purpose).

    I am myself very interested in psychology and i am actually studying psychology at the university (with plans on continuing, i am applying for the psychologists education (licensed) in a couple of months). For me psychology is really the core of most things, including drive, happiness, motivation. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT 🙂 .
    I have no website or blog but i will send you an e-mail to the above e-mail adress.
    Regards Henrik


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