Swede hits the mark in boxing

My passion for traveling, new cultures and adventures took me to my life’s so far biggest experience in 2011!

With no earlier experience of boxing or competition of this kind, I managed to reach a goal I thought was impossible. I stepped into the ring as a professional boxer.

In Australia together with Rob Stimson I got the chance to a unique challenge, which I accepted to step into, all 100%.

With the focus on only one target and let everything else go is super hard on every level of your body and mind. The time to get back to a ”normal” life within yourself can take years. For many people it is not worth it. For me, I cant me more thankful to have this experience in my life. 

No matter how hard it is to live a lonely life like that, and put everything else on the side, live in a country on the other side of the earth from your family. Even get mentally broken down… For me, the award is PRICELESS and something I can think back to everyday the rest of my life. To have this experience in my heart, that I can reach an ”impossible” goal. Is my key to believe I can accomplish anything and all dreams can come true!


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