RKC kettlebell certification


The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

RKC is a world class kettlebell certification

Gothenburh, Sweden 28-30 JUNE 2013

Be part of these 3 very inspirational and challenging days of becoming a kettlebell instructor by the world leading school of strength RKC, Dragondoor. Become an instructor or participate to bring your own fitness on stronger path.


Are you a coach already?

Perfect! Personal trainers who incorporate kettlebells into their programs have watched their client base explode.Previous clients have flocked back, attracted by undeniable gains in strength—and loss of body fat! Kettlebells have opened up whole new vistas of training success for personal trainers and their clients alike.

In fact, professionals of all kinds have been rushing to take advantage of the kettlebells’ almost magical ability to strip off unwanted fat and turn wretched physiques into the envy of the neighborhood…

Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physicians, sports coaches, you name it, have also eagerly embraced the kettlebells uncanny ability to rehab injuries—in particular, back and shoulder injuries.


OR be your own trainer!

If you love challenges and care about your own quality training, you don´t have to become an instructor. You can still attend these three days and take your own training to another level!



Go to the website for Swedish information, to sign up and take a step closer visit:


Here is a short movie from the RKC sweden 2012



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