Sportact is a Swedish sports-company founded by two triathlon enthusiastic men that arrange triathlon competitions and training camps around Sweden. It was created 2009 and all built up by the big passion to sport.

SPORTACT training camps are located in beautiful places of Sweden there you will enjoy both teammates and the nature.The camps depending on time of the year involves running, cycling, swimming, skiing and alternative training and lectures by professional coaches. The camp is for you with a big interest of this kind of training but without experience and just as much for the advanced with race-expreience. Both beginners and advanced are welcome to join, during the camp teams will be set up depending of their experience level. The camps include hotel stay, breakfast-, lunch- and dinner bufé. And in the evenings, after all the hard work everyone gets to relax in saunas and hot tubs!

Kettlebell training for triathletes

This year on Camp Koppefjäll I have got the opportunity lead a     RKC kettlebell workshop! Alex, my boyfriend, is the coachfor the swimming classes!:) It feels great to inspire and teach other sport enthusiastic people the benefits of kettlebell training. I know they will walk away from that course with very useful information they can bring to their own training become even stronger athletes.

Read more about Sportact and the camp locations here:

Camp koppefjäll

Camp Långberget

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