Salomon Trail Race

Salomon Trail Race

 5km, 11 km 20+km.


SALOMON TRAIL TOUR is a great trail race in 15 different places in Sweden, there you get part of fantastic nature, the same time as working your ass off! (but you will find the salomon race all over the world) A trail race means that you will be running OFF track pretty much the whole time. Throe forest, over hills, swamp etc.. 🙂 Let yourself get dirty and have fun!

  An exciting race!

All competitions has the length of 10 and 5 km. But some of the cities have add  two tracks with the distance to 21 and 40+ km. It is so different from a street race, you are always distracted by the focus of where to step, or whats behind the trees, rocks or person ahead of you. SO if you think ordinary street races aren´t very exciting you should try this challenge!






To find an raceday, click HERE!


Watch the very nice movie from Salomon races around the world!


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