Tough Mudder

This race is the coolest hardcore race ever! …its for pretty much anyone, all kinds, all fitness levels… As long as you love challenges.

It is only a set of mind!

TOUGH MUDDER is a crazy hardcore event, about 20 km with 25 obstacles… in knee high MUD, through FIRE, ICE bathselectric string and is made by the British special forces! This is a team event and it will test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and team co-oporation.

Lovetrip to Scotland: 2012 me and my boyfriend went to beautiful Scotland for this race. Best trip ever! 500m from start was the first obstacle: the ICE bath, it surely made the rest 19 km a lot easier! (THE MIND SET!!). Some time along the race it was a lot harder mentally (like when it was a few km uphill in mud), but as we took a look around us, we could see old castles, magic nature, my partner dressed up as a VIKING, and we where in Scotland, we did nothing but LAUGHED! such crazy day! This year we are thinking about a german Tough mudder race!

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Watch our Tough Mudder experience from Scotland. Movie and Pics underneath


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