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Sportact is a Swedish sports-company founded by two triathlon enthusiastic men that arrange triathlon competitions and training camps around Sweden. It was created 2009 and all built up by a big passion to sport.

SPORTACT training camps are located in beautiful places of Sweden there you will enjoy both teammates and the nature. The camps depending on time of the year involves running, cycling, swimming, skiing and alternative training and lectures by professional coaches. The camp is for you with a big interest of this kind of training but without experience and just as much for the advanced with race-expreience. Both beginners and advanced are welcome to join, during the camp teams will be set up depending of their experience level. The camps include hotel stay, breakfast-, lunch- and dinner bufé. And in the evenings, after all the hard work everyone gets to relax in saunas and hot tubs!


This year on Camp Koppefjäll I have got the opportunity lead a RKC kettlebell workshop! Alex, my boyfriend, is the coach for the swimming classes!:) It feels great to inspire and teach other sport enthusiastic people the benefits of kettlebell training. I know they will walk away from that course with very useful information they can bring to their own training become even stronger.

Read more about Sportact and the camp locations here:

Camp koppefjäll

Camp Långberget

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20 km and 25 rough obstacles. As long as you love challenges, you will have the time of your life in this race!

It is only a set of mind!


TOUGH MUDDER is a crazy hardcore event, 20 km of mud-track with 25 obstacles… in knee-high MUD, through FIRE, ICE bathselectric strings. Tough mudder is made by the British special forces so imagine what kind of obstacles there will be. Join this race alone, together with someone or with a whole bunch of people. Same time as this race is an awesome TEAM event it will also be so rough and test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and team co-oporation.( yeaaah! )

 2012 A lovetrip to Scotland: My boyfriend and I took a spontaneous trip to beautiful Scotland after hearing about this race the first time. Best trip ever! Imagine, such a beautiful country with an amazing nature and castles everywhere, we was, dressed up as two vikings, running around in the forest, mud everywhere, and everyone seem to have a great time, but really had to work hard for it, it was rough!  An awesome experience.  500m from start was the first obstacle: the ICE bath, it surely made the rest 19 km a lot easier! (THE MIND SET!!). Some time along the race it was a lot harder mentally (like when it was a few km uphill in mud), but as I said before and when we took a short look around us, we saw old castles, magic nature, my partner dressed up as a VIKING, and we where in Scotland, could only laugh! such crazy day!  We are gonna join ”Worlds toughest mudder” one day! 🙂

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Watch our Tough mudder experoence from Scotland.


Tactical Strength Challenge

The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a strength competition all over the world consisting of three events:

  • A three-attempt powerlifting deadlift
  • Pullups for max reps
  • Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period


The winner is determined by the combined score in the three events, based on percentages of the TSC References Scores. 



The purpose of the TSC is to test absolute strength (deadlift), bodyweight-relative strength (pullups), and cardiovascular endurance (kettlebell snatches). The three events test a unique trade-off between these abilities. Heavier participants have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter participants have an advantage in pullups. The kettlebell snatch tests all participants more or less equally.

The TSC does not charge an entry fee.  (Optional fund-raising for charitable purposes is allowed as long as it’s strictly optional.)  There is no organization to join and therefore no membership fee.  No uniform or gear is required.   Just show up and lift.


Classes of Competition

There are six classes of competition.

The Men’s Open Division and Men’s Masters Division use a max deadlift, bodyweight pullups, and snatches with a 24kg kettlebell.

The Men’s Elite Division uses a max deadlift, pullups with 10kg of added weight (22 lbs), and snatches with a 32kg kettlebell.

The Men’s Novice Division uses a max deadlift, bodyweight pullups, and snatches with a 16kg kettlebell.

The Women’s Open Division uses a max deadlift, bodyweight pullups, and snatches with a 16kg kettlebell. 

The Women’s Novice Division uses a max deadlift, bodyweight pullups, and snatches with a 12kg kettlebell.

There are no weight classes, since the different events variously favor heavier or lighter competitors by design.


The original TSC was developed by Pavel Tsatsouline. We have made a couple of changes from the original competition. In the original, the events included one-legged squats (”pistols”) done with a kettlebell. The new TSC substitutes the deadlift, which is simpler and more user-friendly. Also in the original, kettlebell snatches were done with only one switch of the arm allowed, and were not timed. We have changed the rules to allow multiple switches and imposed a 5:00 time limit. These changes make snatches less technical and a harder test of cardiovascular fitness.

The 10kg (22 lbs) used for pullups in the Men’s Elite Division comes from an old standard used by some Soviet special forces units (Spetznatz). This standard specified that candidates would be able to do 18 strict pullups with 10kg of added gear.

Spring meet 2012, Gothenburg Sweden



 Websites to sign up and get more info

Gothenburg, Sweden





The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

RKC is a world class kettlebell certification

Gothenburh, Sweden 28-30 JUNE 2013

Be part of these 3 very inspirational and challenging days of becoming a kettlebell instructor by the world leading school of strength RKC, Dragondoor. Become an instructor or participate to bring your own fitness on stronger path.


Are you a coach already?

Perfect! Personal trainers who incorporate kettlebells into their programs have watched their client base explode.Previous clients have flocked back, attracted by undeniable gains in strength—and loss of body fat! Kettlebells have opened up whole new vistas of training success for personal trainers and their clients alike.

In fact, professionals of all kinds have been rushing to take advantage of the kettlebells’ almost magical ability to strip off unwanted fat and turn wretched physiques into the envy of the neighborhood…

Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physicians, sports coaches, you name it, have also eagerly embraced the kettlebells uncanny ability to rehab injuries—in particular, back and shoulder injuries.


OR be your own trainer!

If you love challenges and care about your own quality training, you don´t have to become an instructor. You can still attend these three days and take your own training to another level!


Go to the website for Swedish information, to sign up and take a step closer visit:

Here is a short movie from the RKC sweden 2012


Salomon Trail Race

 5km, 11 km 20+km.


SALOMON TRAIL TOUR is a great trail race in 15 different places in Sweden, there you get part of fantastic nature, the same time as working your ass off! (but you will find the salomon race all over the world)


All competitions has the length of 10 and 5 km, but 9 of the citites  has added  two tracks with the distance to 21 and 40+ km. It is so different from a street race, you are always distracted by the focus of where to step, or whats behind the trees, rocks or person ahead of you. SO if you think ordinary street races aren´t very exciting you should try this challenge!



To find an EVENT, click HERE!


Watch the very nice movie from Salomon races around the world!



Swazi Adventure

This is another multi-sport adventure race by Kinetic Adventures.

There is a lot of adventures to be part of out there and if you like challenges, traveling here is one.. in South Africa!

About SWAZI:

  • The adventure will cover approximately 70 km
  • Top teams are expected to finish the course in 8 hours and the last team within 14 hours.
  • Teams will race on a marked course.
  • Disciplines will include: mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, swimming, kloofing and multiple zip lines down a gorge.
  • Teams are required to complete the entire distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.
  • Teamwork and team dynamics are essential. A detailed understanding of your teammate and of your own capabilities is essential.



Kinetic Adventure

This company arrange many multi-sport adventures. For beginners, families to advanced athletes.  This is a multi-sport and that means it will include more than trakking and running. Kayaking and mountainbiking is in the most of their races, in ”Swazi adventure” they have also included kloofing and multiple zip lines down a gorge! Awesome!

The races are between 12 km up to 500 km.



Want to be the worlds best endurance athlete?

Adventure Racing World Series

ARWS is a 4-10 days team race to find the worlds best endurance athlete. Every race has it´s unique course and includes trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, navigation and more. The participant does not know the course they about to go through until they are on it! I am trying to get some more information from some of the teams that are on the top-list. I recommend to watch the video further down, what a feeling to accomplish something like this!

”From South America, through Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, and over thousands of kilometers of grueling mountain biking, trail running and kayaking, you will see the world’s real adventure racers. No second chances, no support and nowhere to go but the finish line.”

To the ARWS website! HERE

”only the sky is the limit”

”as long as you want to do it. You can do it ”

Watch these inspirational short movies! 


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