Post TSC New PR 12-10-06


Another TSC is past for this year and once again the great energy was all over and many personal best was made. Thanks to Kettlebell Center for arrange this for us! This time I participated in Women Open Division, which means 16 kg in the snatch instead of 12 kg, the rest is the same.

My result in Woman Open Division fall meet 2012: 

Deadlift: 105 kg     Chin up: 6     Kettlebell Snatch 16kg for 5 min: 114

I am happy with the progression from May this year. In deadlift I increased with 5 kgs, with the chin ups I increased to dubble amount, 3 to 6! and snatch with 16 kgs was my first atempt and my goal was to do more than 110. 🙂

NEW GOAL: …was first to stay in this Open divison, but now they have put in a extra division for women: WOMAN ELITE DIVISON.        ….which means 20kg in snatch and pull ups with another 5 kg extra hanging from your waist.

What can I say. I love challenges and since this competition is for my own sake I only set my own ground with the result I get. I have no need to push myself to beat what I think the top one would get. …but of course I will train proper to make it throe as safe and AS GOOD AS I CAN 🙂 Me and my buddies from Kettlebell Center will start of a training period using 2 kettlebells with different kombos. I am very excited and think this will be a great progression for my 20 kg kettlebell snatch.

Daniel Mattsson- from – the master of deadlifts

Back to TSC…. This time we where about 30 participants, mixed divisions and mixed woman and men. The atmosphere during TSC is amazing, everyone are pushing each other, inspire each other with only happy and strong feelings! 

Strong and great work with the kettlebell snatch

Hopefully there will be even more of you participating and aiming for TSC next year. It is such a great experience! Everyone is welcome amateur as advanced. We have great technique workshops at kettlebell center and a gym that is open mon-fri there you can come and train with us or come once and a while to get some coaching with you technique or a specific training program to reach your goal, a certified RKC instructor is always on the spot to help you.

If you want personal training for a Tactical Strength Challenge competition you are more than welcome to contact me on

Will I see you in the next one?

This is an international competion, you might find one in your country!

 Chunhua, great technique, inspires me a lot!

Sierra probably the strongest girl in the world! 

the TSC fall meet awesome participants!


5 Responses to “Post TSC New PR 12-10-06

  • Haha, ”the master of deadlifts”, jag kan bara buga och bocka och tacka för komplimangen! 🙂

    Grymt jobbat på höstens TSC, Malin! Jag hoppas att din träning går fint och att vi ses, båda ännu starkare, till våren!

    • Ja, det vill jag minst sagt kalla dig! du ser grymt laddad och fokuserad ut när du laddar för dina marklyft! 🙂

  • I’m so inspired to get stronger for the next challenge aswell by watching you and the other guys at the challenge, and such a positive energy. I can’t wait for the next time 😀 My goal is to snatch the 16 kg kb.

    • YOU did AWESOME! så kul att se er kämpa så hårt! Vi får träna nått hårt och skoj ihop framöver!

  • 3 PR är grymt! Grattis till riktigt bra prestationer! 🙂


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