20th sep 2012
You can still enjoy outdoor activities!

You can still enjoy outdoor activities!

This summer me and some guys went out for a different kind of bike-ride! In Gothenburg, Sweden we have these rental bikes, 52 bike ”stations” all over the central area. One...

13th sep 2012
Seight seeing running tours! (a la france)

Seight seeing running tours! (a la france)

I want to share this video of my French friend Alexandre who works at the french health and fitness company wellicient. This team behind wellcient really inspires me with their ”Running Tours”....

10th sep 2012

Stair Sprints!

This week Alex and me are aiming for the ”Skansen Kronan” stairs: run 3-5 times up with walk-down recovery in between. It is a totally different feeling from Gothia towers there...

08th sep 2012

Life is about choices.. You can make what ever you want possible 🙂

04th sep 2012

Salomon Trail Race

The second trailrace for Team Kettlebell center.We challenged ourselves with 11.5 km this time and YES… what a challenge! Read more….  

31st aug 2012

Let your body (and mind) feel good and have fun!

Me and my colleges at Kettlebell Center went to a workshop in Gothenburgthere we got inspired how to use our body for better posture, balance, climbing, throwing.. all in the playground...

30th aug 2012

A flashback memory from my life in Australia

After my first 8 months of boxing in Australia, I fought Diana Prazak, a today World Champion. In november she is coming to Sweden to fight our World Champion Frida Wallberg....

23rd aug 2012
TOPLIST 2012 – GOTHIA TOWERS – A runt o heaven

Gothia Towers Toplist

6 new names on the toplist!!   Great time and effort all of you!  And an extra big high five to ERIK – 8 years old with a time of...

19th aug 2012
TODAY 16.00 RUN challenge

TODAY 16.00 RUN challenge

Alright guys we will give the 2km2 run challenge a new try today. Great preparation for trail races and Tough Mudder! (and as I know, many of you are interested to participate in)....

18th aug 2012
We will set a new date for 2km square run-challenge

We will set a new date for 2km square run-challenge

We are saving the fun trail challenge, because of heavy rain. If anyone still want to run in the rain, feel free to join us on the ordinary running track...