03rd Jan 2013
Great moments from 2012!

Great moments from 2012!

I have put together some highlights from 2012s Kirjo Challenges. Thanks all of you participating. Looking forward to this years challenges! 

20th Dec 2012

Strength has no gender or age!

  This is my mum, Anne-Marie Kirjonen, 53 years old, she recently brought training up again and her first time actually lifting heavier weights. Not long ago we begun practicing on the movement pattern and the...

05th Dec 2012

Inspirational Articles! (new in the menu!)

This tasty beautiful looking plate with food has a lot of love behind it! On Sunday I will post a new article about a man that creates art on a...

24th Nov 2012
Kirjo Challenge #15

Kirjo Challenge #15

I am back on the wheel!  Watch the new Kirjo challenge video HERE In the video you will see progression of exercises of the ”heels on wheel” Knee to chest Plank to...

06th Nov 2012

In the meny ”ALL VIDEOS” I have uploaded some new videos! hopefully some of them will give YOU inspiration! Doesn´t mean you like everything I do and think it is...

11th Okt 2012
Turkish Get up with 32 kg

Turkish Get up with 32 kg

10th Okt 2012

10th Okt 2012

Tactical Strength Challenge

Another TSC is over for this time and new energy, thoughts, inspiration is all over and in me! Many new personal best was made, met awesome people, new goals is...

01st Okt 2012

Morgonpasset.com- PT of the month

I am the October´s Personal trainer for Morgonpasset.com. Check it out and take part of strengthening workouts and Kirjo challenges!     

26th Sep 2012

TACTICAL STRENGTH CHALLENGE! 6 of October will soon be here! If you´re not participating come and support us at Kettlebell Center in Gothenburg.  Promise you a room filled with great...